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Love That Gorda
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Congratulations! You've found Love That Gorda, a community dedicated La Gorda, an all-girl indie punk band based in Washington DC. Named after a Spanish phrase that loosely translates to "the fat girl", our music features dissonant yet melodic basslines, contrasting vocal harmonization and a broad range of topics including witch burning and internet dating. To sum it all up, one internet fan said:

La Gorda tastes like a soup that is savory and spicy, yet surpringly sweet
4 cups of Sleater-Kinney broth
2 cups chopped The Make Up
1 cup diced Pixies
1 tsp of Bikini Kill extract,
1 tsp of Bratmobile powder
A tiny dash of Fugazi

This community is meant to be a mailing list/forum for La Gorda, and to a smaller extent independent music. All member posts will be moderated. Posts that we feel are inflammatory or off-topic will not be approved.

Play nice or we'll have to ban you.

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