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10th-Mar-2005 03:58 pm - The Fat Girl's Friday... (x-posted)
Just in time for Friday: Procrastination Fodder!

DC Spore is sportin' an interview with La Gorda's potty-mouthed guitarists, so be sure to shirk some work and check it out.

For those of you in or around the Baltimore area, be sure to hit us up for some tickets to Friday night's show at the Brass Monkey. Trust us when we say this is a show not to be missed. Goggles may be utilized.

March 11, Friday
Brass Monkey Saloon
1601 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21231
21+, $3 Pre-Purchase, $7 at door
18+, $5 Pre-Purchase, $12 at door

Much Love,

La Gorda

As the dude in the background of this pic can attest, the Firehouse Cue was a blast. Many thanks to Marsha Bradee for setting up the gig! We have more pics from the gig up on our site so be sure to check it out, and Charm City peeps mark your calendars:

March 11, Friday
Brass Monkey Saloon
1601 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21231
21+, $3 Pre-Purchase, $7 at door
18+, $5 Pre-Purchase, $12 at door

As you can see, tickets are cheaper if you buy them from us. If you bring us cookies you may even get them for free! Especially if they're Samoas. Mmmm girlscout cookies.

Email us or leave a comment to get your grubby hands on 'em.
13th-Jan-2005 12:16 pm - raaawwwwwk.
hey there, gordas!! Can't wait to play with you guys again on the 11th of Feb!!

12th-Jan-2005 11:36 am - Bringing in the New Year...
The New Year generally brings in hope and optimism, which is difficult to muster at the moment due to some events that have occurred in the private lives of the Gordas. These circumstances are not band-related, but suffice to say we may have to extend our gig hiatus till the end of the month.

We are currently booked for a show on January 22 at the Brass Monkey in Fells Point so mark your calendars; We will let you know if that changes.

Now for some positive news: Our site has recieved a facelift thanks to Dawn Gorda's geeky tendencies. We have added a new la gorda player where you can hear several songs featuring all 4 gordas, recorded via WMUC studio and Dawn's PC.

In other news, The Velvet Lounge will be hosting a benefit for the victims of the South Asia tsunami this Friday, January 14 featuring performances from Sarah Pinsker and the Stalking Horses, Rockbot, and Rotoscope.

It's a good cause featuring some cool bands, and Dawn Gorda is definitely going to be there, so you all should come out and buy her a beer. If you really wanna make an impression buy her a mini USB Flash Drive.

That's it for now. Later taters.
24th-Dec-2004 01:45 am - ~Welcome to love_that_gorda~
It's early early morning on christmas eve and instead of getting some sleep dawn is finally putting together the info for the love_that_gorda. And referring to herself in the third person.

For those of you just joining us: La Gorda is an all-girl indie-band based in Washington, DC. This is our lj community. If on the off chance you see this while browsing LJ over the holidaze, feel free to sign up; Any one can join, and anyone can post, but play nice lest we have to ban you.

More goodies will come later, after we've consumed appropriate amounts of eggnog.
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