La Gorda (la_gorda) wrote in love_that_gorda,
La Gorda

Top 5 Reasons to come to DC9 this Sunday.

1. Sometimes Amber likes to put on a moustache and walk around looking like a man who some of you may know as Lloyd. Perhaps some of you also know that Amber has D cup boobs, and let me tell you, there is nothing like that rare combination of boob action and moustache that makes one want to grind to a george michael/robert palmer dance remix.

2. the show at sangha sucked. there, we said it. the only good thing we got out of it was Amber biting Dawn's tender ass on stage in front of 20 horrified parents. IF BITING HER ASS AND STICKING MY HEAD IN HER HOLIEST OF HOLIES IS WHAT YOU GET AT AN ALL-AGES SHOW, WAIT AND SEE WHAT YOU GET AT A 21+ SHOW!

3. the shameless display of ass-kissing we will grace our fellow performers SOME Brave Apollo, being that we spelled their name wrong on our goddamn fliers.

4. The subsequent ass-kicking of Some Brave Apollo, in the event that they don't react kindly to our ass-kissing.

5. SPOT LLOYD's BITCH contest. Free T-Shirt to the winner. If they're cute.

so if you haven't already, friend lloyd, friend la gorda, and then get your beautiful booty down to dc9 on sunday. the mothership awaits...
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