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slap your face with my baloney

The show was an absolute blast, and we offer much thanks to the Velvet Lounge, our promdates Marsha Bradee (who were too too hot in their suits), Marianne Pillsbury and T. Griffin Coraline.
A good time was had by all, especially the random dude wandering around the club in shades with an acoustic guitar and attempting to jam along with the bands onstage from within the audience, completely oblivious to the fact that a. he wasn't in any of the bands, b. he wasn't plugged in so you couldn't hear him, and c. when you could hear him it was apparent that he was sorely out of tune.

I want some of what he had. Or maybe not. :-o

So now what? We're working on recording some songs so that we can *finally* have a new EP to pass around, and working on quite a bit of new material, that has us (well me, anyway) a bit a-flutter. Last night, while working on a new song, obstinate jammer amber_gorda consciously wrote her solo for the first time in her brief la gorda history, and it shall henceforth be called the Take It All Bitch solo. Yay for skillz.

In the meantime, get yer Gorda fix by checking out our gallery for the new pics. I heart cable modem.
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