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Saturday at the Velvet and thoughts on humping...

This Saturday at the Velvet Lounge, suckas. Be there.

So we've developed this habit of humping one another randomly. It started off with Amber or myself humping a bemused Christine unexpectedly at inappropriate times, sometimes simultaneously, like when she's standing in line to get herself a coffee at the WAWA. We occassionally hump each other on stage as part of the whole Rockstar getting into the music pretense, etc etc.

Originally the humping served the purpose of providing 3/4ths of the band with amusement at the expense of the last person's dignity, usually Christine's coz she looks so darn cute when she's flustered.

But over time the message communicated by humping expanded, foraying into an appropriate method of displaying of affection, camraderie, and even comfort and solace: One practice, Amber was seated on the floor, upset and crying about some issues pertaining to her non-band life. Upon seeing her tears, Ms. Marcia squatted down behind her, put her arms around her shoulders and started thrusting her skinny little pelvis into the back of Amber's head. Given that Amber stopped crying and started laughing, I'd say it was effective.

While in NC, the thought came to us: Do other bands hump each other the way we do? Is this a band thing, or a La Gorda thing?

Our first reaction was that surely other bands must hump each other; Since then conversations with other musicians in bands have proved otherwise. One such friend of mine even said: "That's weird. Cool, but weird."

What, dear reader, do you think?
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