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Tour stories and other such nonsense.

So, yes, this is really delayed, but I'm a busy girl, what can I say?

NC was a motherfucking blast, despite starting off rather terribly.

I took Friday off from work so that we could drive down to NC for the first show, and coupled with the Monday we had off for memorial day, it meant that I didn't leave work before 8:00pm all week (start time is 830am). As I was finishing up the last of my to-dos on thurday night at 730, the server and network went totally down, leaving me incapable of finishing any of my work. I cooled my heels for about an hour and still no network, so at about 830 I went home, thinking that I could at least finish up some pre-tour laundry while waiting for the network to come back up so that i could work remotely.

But alas, fate had other ideas. As I popped down into the basement to do my laundry I was beset with the site of a large puddle surrounding our house washing machine... Thankfully the flooding didn't reach our gear, but since i didn't know what was causing the flooding I went ahead and put our amps and speakers on top of cinder blocks and the like, in case the flooding got worse before the morning. Upon further investigation I discovered that we didn't have any hot water, either, which nixed my hopes for a shower.

By this time it was about 11pm and the network was back up, albeit quite erratically. Being the resourceful kinda girl I am I headed over to the neighbors house and asked if I could do laundry there, and finished up my work at about midnight. Shortly before returning to my neighbor's house to pop the laundry in the dryer, I caught a friend of mine on IM and asked if I could take a shower at their place. Now that's friendship.

I awoke at 9am on Friday morning to a phone call from Amber informing me she was lost in the ghettos of baltimore en route to pick ms. christine up on the way to my house. Given that La Gorda is nothing if not chronically tardy, I wasn't too surprised at the turn of events; so i hauled myself out of bed and started getting dressed. Then, at about 945 I get another call from Amber, letting me know that we were definitely not going to make our previously agreed upon 10:00am departure time, as poor Christine was stuggling with a minor case of food poisoning brought on by thursday night's dinner. Oy.

Despite the nausea Christine proved to be a trooper and insisted that we not cancel our plans, so Ms. Marcia and I went on the usual pre-roadtrip errands of bank and grocery store. We got back to the house at about the same time the other two arrived, around 11:15. Christine was in a bad way and could neither move around too much nor sit still for too long without getting ill; Being one woman down and trying maneuver through the moist basement (thankfully the flooding had gone down) proved a touch treacherous, and by the time we finally loaded up and pulled out it was a bit past noon.

The climax of the terrible end of the trip happened at about 1pm during an unfortunate pit stop at the Comfort Inn just outside of Vienna that made me very thankful for my Honda Element's rubber seat cushions; But from thereon the rest of the trip went swimmingly.

We had been invited down to NC by the dirty little heaters, who were more than hospitable, and managed to wrangle us a free night at the Durham Mariott. Who the fuck goes on their first tour and stays at the Mariott? La Gorda, apparently. I do believe one of the hotel wait staff asked Christine if we were playing at the big stadium. Ssssswank...

Fiday night we played at Joe and Jo's, a little diner type place with the Dirty Little Heaters and another NC band called The Young Idea, who reminded me of both Devo and Erase Errata, and perhaps a touch of Franz Ferdinand. The DLH are a two-piece punk band, whose singer Reese has voice that Amber described as "like Grace Slick without any of the annoying things about Grace Slick's voice." I concur, and they know how to rock it fer shure.

The following morning at around 10 Marcia and I were awoken by Christine and Amber screaming something about bringing us bitches breakfast in bed... they had apparently discovered the joy that is the free continental breakfast in the Marriot concierge lounge and had taken a grip of food back to the hotel room with them. After eating we wandered around downtown Durham for a bit, perusing various bookstores, music stores, and knick knack shops; upon our return noshed on even more free food (courtesy of the Mariott orderves happy hour) while we preparing for the night's show.

Saturday night's show was amazing, one of the top three shows we've ever played, and certainly the best one we've played since Amber came into our midst. The crowd was awesome, the sound was great, the other bands were smokin, and we can't say enough nice things about the people we met.

The trip back was much better than the trip down... At some point along I-85 (I believe the town was called Handover, around exit 212) Christine and I stopped off for some succulent pork at this place called Gary's Barbeque and Seafood... We walked in there and it wall to wall small town NC in their sunday best. We sat down and had some yummy barbecue, while vegetarian amber and non-pork-eating Marcia opted to go across the street to the Cracker Barrel for some pancakes. Afterwards Amber introduced us to her alter-ego Lloyd Nards, who made many advances on a vaguely disgusted Christine, much to everyone's amusement.

Now we've been back home for a little over a week... we're working on recording a new demo and preparing for our next show on the 25th with Marsha Bradee and Marianne Pillsbury. We're gonna rock it. Check out this nifty flyer I done made:

I heart photoshop.

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