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no smoking at the pancake house, motherfucking fuck!

We had practice earlier today in preparation for the upcoming show in NC. Was a pretty good day, save some drama surrounding a mummified mouse and its decaptated friend, a spider and other such creepy crawlies that inhabit my basement. After a couple beers Christine put her shades on to act as a sort of visual filter so she wasn't spooked into thinking the balls of dryer line were more critters.

I'm now I'm sitting here at Amber Gorda's apartment-for-not-much-longer, listening to Amber and her friend chit chat about various things that have changed since they left WV. Like the new no-smoking policy at pancake house.

Before her friend got here I was arguing with a dumb-ass from u-haul who told me that he was incapable of transferring me to anyone else. Apparently the U-haul customer service buck stops with Jose Fontes. A pox on your penis, Jose. I hope it falls of after tagging you in the eye.
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